Friday, May 6, 2022

 For persons who don't mind staying up late, May 15th will be a total lunar eclipse visible in South Carolina.  Starting at 11:30 PM, the full Moon will enter Earth's shadow and will appear darkened until 1 AM (May 16th).  Partial and total lunar eclipses happen frequently at different locations around the world but the total eclipses tend to be the more dramatic looking.  Depending on atmospheric conditions, the Moon may be quite dark in color or even reddish.

If you miss this eclipse, we will have another total lunar eclipse in March of 2025.
There are a number of websites including excellent ones from NASA that you can check for exact times and what to expect.  Hopefully we will have clear skies for the eclipse.
Thank you 
Cale Shipman
Lowcountry Stargazers

See this webpage for time information: