Sunday, June 14, 2020

Will You Help Us?

The City of Charleston is planning for the future of YOUR parks and recreation opportunities. Join the conversation to let them know what you want to do in your parks, how they can be improved, and what suggestions you have to improve the quality of life for Charleston residents and visitors. This plan will lead policies and direction for the City’s leaders, Parks Department, and Recreation Department for the next ten years. 

Please consider completing the survey for the Park Master Plan and mention Nighttime Astronomy as a need for the Park System. You can voice the need for an Astronomy Park by writing it in the “Other” responses in each section. 

Share the survey link with friends and family and ask them to suggest astronomy as something they would like to have as part of the Park Master Plan. We may may not get a better opportunity to push for a county-provided permanent Astronomy Park.

One Charleston: Parks & Recreation Master Plan