Tuesday, July 30, 2019

News and Events This Week

There is no Astronomy in the Park this week, which is a shame, because the weather has been so nice lately. But son't worry, we'll be out at Brittlebank Park again next week.

The Lowcountry Stargazers will hold their next meeting on Thursday, August 1st at 7pm, at Atlantic Aviation, 6060 S Aviation Ave, North Charleston, SC 29406. This may be a better representation of our meeting location.

We have full slate of presentations at our meeting this summer. Nathan Woelfle will be doing a three part presentation called Understanding Scales and Measurements, Astronomy and Imaging Vocabulary.

 At our July Meeting, part one will covers telescopes and discusses aperture, focal length, focal ratio, eyepieces, field-of-view, magnification, arc minutes, seconds, and degrees.

 Part two in August covers visual and discusses seeing, transparency, darkness, and magnitude.

Part three in September covers imaging and discusses Dawes limit, image scale, resolution field-of-view, sensitivity.

In other news, there is now an astronomy group in Myrtle Beach. The Grand Strand Amateur Astronomy Club is now up and running. It looks like their first meeting is Thursday, October 24th at 5:30pm, at the Carolina Forest Library. If you want to learn more, their Facebook group is here.