Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Monthly Meeting, Astronomy in the Park, and Astronomy Night

St. Philip's Church with Sunday's Supermoon
We have a lot going on this week - most of it, weather permitting, of course.

Monthly Meeting
Our monthly meeting is the first Thursday of every month, except July, which is the second Thursday. December's meeting is this Thursday, the 7th, at 7pm at Atlantic Aviation, 6060 S Aviation Dr., North Charleston, SC, but this may be a better representation of where our meeting is located.

Astronomy in the Park
Wednesday nights for the rest of 2017, we'll be at Brittlebank Park for a couple of hours beginning around sunset. Weather is not looking good for tonight - check our Facebook page for updates.

Astronomy Night at Mullet Hall
In cooperation with CCPRC, we are holding Astronomy Night at Mullet Hall, Saturday, December 9th, from 7-10pm. Weather permitting, of course. For more information, take a look this post, or our FB event. Also, check our Facebook page for updates.