Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lunar Eclipse Event Sunday

Cloud cover will probably make observing the lunar eclipse very unlikely, but the Lowcountry Stargazers will be at James Island County Park, should anyone show up. If anyone wants to join us, you are very welcomed. Perhaps we can study types of clouds!

Weather permitting the Lowcountry Stargazers will be hosting a Lunar Eclipse Watch at James Island County Park on Sunday, September 27th from 8-11pm. This will be the last total lunar eclipse visible from the Charleston area until 2019.  Not only that, it is also a Supermoon, and it's the night of the Harvest Moon.

Beginning at 8pm you can learn how lunar eclipses happen.  Then around 9pm, you will be able to see the earth's shadow taking ever larger bites out of the moon until just after 10pm, when the moon will be fully eclipsed, and will likely turn a ruddy shade of red.

Just a reminder that there is a $1 park entrance fee.